Pascal brings over 20 years of experience in graphic design, working with multiple industries. As the owner of Pascal Bouchard Design, Pascal’s mission is to enable his clients to gain recurring revenues through brand loyalty. He helps clients obtain brand clarity and reach their customers more effectively. Pascal specializes in brand identity, print and web design. He also works on brand refresh initiatives, including artistic direction and comprehensive project implementation.


Pascal’s elegant style showcases a professional and engaging look for his client’s brand. When it comes to design, one size does not fit all. Therefore, Pascal is meticulous in assessing his clients’ needs and creating visuals that are perfectly aligned with the company’s values.

Some of Pascal’s achievements include:

  • Implemented a turnaround brand strategy for several businesses that were looking to revamp their image.
  • Created designs that enabled communities to connect and motivated them to take a much needed action on heartfelt issues impacting their environment.
  • Launched unifying brands for francophone communities in the Western region of Canada.
  • Developed a multimedia tourism platform that gained popularity during Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics.

Pascal holds a diploma in visual arts. He consistently upgrades his business and technical skills through various training programs. Pascal’s mandate is to optimize his clients’ brand awareness so their businesses can thrive. He is also committed to contributing his time to the community, volunteering for a yearly event as a photo editor. Pascal is an artist at heart. He is an accomplished musician and photographer. He also enjoys woodworking and handcrafting. Pascal loves the outdoors and enjoys living in the Greater Vancouver Area.


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